Updated Government Measures To Combat The Economic Impact Of COVID-19

The federal government has made several new announcements and amendments to its direct support program for businesses and to support the retention of employees.

The links below outline all of the initiatives announced to date. Please note that these programs are constantly being refined:

Department of Finance


Bank of Canada




If you have any questions about the programs, or want help reaching out to government to talk about your sector or gaps in the programs, please contact any one of the Campbell Strategies team:

Barry Campbell: barry@campbellstrategies.com
Paul Brown:  paulb@campbellstrategies.com
Chris Holz: chrish@campbellstrategies.com
Ted Griffith: tedg@campbellstrategies.com
Natalie Dash: ndash@campbellstrategies.com
Kevin Powers: kevinp@campbellstrategies.com